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Congregation Beth Israel 5784/2023 Book of Remembrance

The Congregation Beth Israel Book of Remembrance - 5784

Congregation Beth Israel invites you to remember your loved ones in our 5784 Book of Remembrance. The Book of Remembrance is distributed during the Yizkor memorial services on Yom Kippur and will be available online.  Including your loved ones in the Book of Remembrance is a dignified way of remembering and paying tribute to those who came before. 

It is traditional to make donations in remembrance of loved ones to support our Congregation. The suggested amount is $36 - $54 per name. Also, please consider dedicating a Yizkor plaque with light (in the sanctuary) as a permanent memorial honoring your loved one.

Please submit this form with your donation by Friday, September 15 to ensure that the names of your loved ones are included in the 5784  Book of Remembrance. Thank you for your participation in this tradition

To View a copy of last year's (2022/5783) Book of Remembrance, please click here

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NO CHANGES: Publish the name(s) as it/they appeared in last year’s book.

NEW ENTRY: (Select this if you would like last year's names included with additional names, or if you have never submitted an entry before) Please publish in the 5784 Book of Remembrance the name(s) listed below.

Please list names as you'd like them to appear in the book.
Names will be listed, but not read aloud, except for those who have died since last Yom Kippur. Please list the names of all those who have died since last Yom Kippur so their names can be read aloud during the service.

Please enter the total amount you'd like to contribute

If you have any comments regarding your entry in the Book of Remebrance, please enter them above.
If you have any questions and would like to talk to someone, please email

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784