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What Is The Caring Circle?

Welcome to the Caring Circle of Congregation Beth Israel, where we unite to support members of our community in times of need. Fulfilling mitzvot by helping others brings profound feelings of connection and purpose.

With your contribution, no matter how small, we achieve greatness together and embody the spirit of "a caring congregation."

Our Caring Circle offers assistance in various ways:

  • Supporting grieving families who have lost a loved one.
  • Providing and delivering cooked meals to members who are ill.
  • Assisting with transportation needs.
  • Visiting the elderly and those who are ailing.
  • Responding promptly to the needs of our members.

If you know someone in the hospital or requiring assistance, please inform the Rabbi.

How Can You Help?

Without you, we are one volunteer short! The Caring Circle invites every congregant to join us in making a meaningful difference. You don't need to attend meetings or commit regularly to be a member — all you need is the desire to contribute in your own way.

What Do Caring Circle Volunteers Do?

  • Visit individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, or their homes.
  • Shop, prepare, and deliver meals.
  • Provide transportation to appointments and events.
  • Offer comfort to the bereaved.

Every act of kindness strengthens not only the recipient but our entire community. If you're interested in joining us and helping create a caring community within our congregation, please reach out. Together, we can make a significant impact through compassion and support.

Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784