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CBI College Scholarships

Attention All High School Seniors and Parents of Seniors!

If you are interested in applying for a CBI Merit College Scholarship, now is the time to get started. Applications are available in your high school career center, at the CBI office, or on the CBI website  HERE

The College Fund was born through the efforts of Judy Masliyah b”h to give back to the students of our local community, and to recognize their achievement and involvement in Jewish Life.  It has been and remains a way to honor students who consistently show outstanding academic work, leadership, community dedication and values of Jewish life with a financial reward and community recognition.

We have awarded over 90 scholarships since 1993 when we first started this worthwhile endeavor.  The committee is grateful to the wonderful contributors who have helped establish and sustain this fund since its inception.

The College Fund recognizes worthy Jewish students on the Monterey Peninsula who have been admitted to a four-year college. Awards will be made in May and, if possible, presented at the student's high school awards ceremony and are recognized at the Senior Shabbat.  We want to acknowledge your accomplishments and contributions to our community. We hope you will apply for the CBI Merit College Scholarship! 

Be sure to read the criteria for selection carefully.  The deadline for submitting your completed application is Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 4:00 p.m. Please email your application to Vivi Fenwick at

Gap Year Programs

Interested in taking a year in-between high school in college doing something non-academic?  Looking for an adventure?  Something worthwhile?

Check out these options:

NetzerLogo             ShnatNetzer
Netzer Year
Netzer Year is a unique gap year in Israel for recent Reform Jewish high school graduates.
More information can be found here;  please see also the Netzer Year website.

Tivnu Gap Year Program
The Tivnu Gap Year Program is a 9-month residential experience for high school graduates, ages 17-20.
For more information, click here, and please see also the Tivnu website.

College Age Programs


Hillel International
Hillel International is the largest Jewish student organization in the world.
More information is here, including links to Hillel’s College Guide and articles.

Machon Kaplan Summer Internship
The Machon Kaplan Summer Internship in Washington, D.C. provides social justice internships.
For more details, go to their Web site.

Taglit-Birthright Trip
Taglit-Birthright Trip to Israel provides a gift of a peer group, educational trip to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26 from around the world. We want young Jewish people to come to Israel, see it, experience it, talk about it, and think about what Israel means for them and the Jewish people.  More information can be found at URJ/Kesher Trip Option and Taglit Birthright Israel.


Post-College Programs

FreeTriptoIsraelTaglit-Birthright Trip
Taglit-Birthright Trip to Israel (described above) continues for post-college.  See URJ/Kesher Trip Option and Taglit Birthright Israel.

AvodahJewishServiceCorpsAvodah: The Jewish Service Corps
Each year, AVODAH recruits young adults ages 21-26 from across the United States to spend a year in our Jewish Service Corps working at local antipoverty organizations in Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and Washington, DC. During their year of service, participants live and study together, forming a community of people making a connection between social activism and Jewish life.
Our corps members work on issues like immigration, hunger, education, public health, and domestic violence, and we provide them with leadership skills, learning, and community for a lifetime.  For more information, please go to


Eisendrath Legislative Assistant Fellowship 
The Legislative Assistant Program is a year-long fellowship for recent college graduates interested in Judaism, social justice, and policy.
L.A.P. is at the heart of every aspect of the Reform Movement’s social justice work.

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